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The Care and Precision You Need

As a business owner you need timely access to reliable financial information. You need to know that your numbers are accurate so you can make confident decisions about the success of your business. You want to know:
•Is your working capital optimized?
•Is your new product line or service profitable?
•Will your financial statements help you get the best financing possible?
We anticipate the questions you ask, and provide expert analysis of your financial information that give you the answers you need. We specialize in preparing accurate and detailed financial information for knowledgeable business owners invested in growing thriving, profitable businesses.

We provide you with the level of accounting services you need:
•Annual financial statements
•Bi-Annual/Quarterly interim financial statements
•Full service monthly bookkeeping/controllership

Incorporated businesses, when used correctly, can make good financial sense. You want to make sure you get the most out of your corporation. You want to know:
•Are you taking maximum advantage of tax deductions?
•Do you pay yourself in the most tax efficient manner?
•Would multiple corporations help you achieve your financial goals?
Helping you balance your corporate and personal taxes for maximum financial well-being is our specialty. We bring decades of experience, and knowledge of the Canadian tax system, to help you plan and implement a tax strategy that matches your goals and maximizes your benefits.
•Corporate tax filings
•Personal tax filings
•Trust tax filings
•Estate planning

As a successful business owner, you need more than tax returns and financial statements. You need expert advice to help guide you, and your family, toward the secure, comfortable future you imagine. You want to know:
•How can you structure your business to have more free time?
•Are you pricing your products/services to capture their value to customers?
•Are your net-worth goals achievable?
•Can you sell your business when you’re ready to retire?
•Are you accumulating enough wealth to take care of your family?

At Stimpson | CPA, we work with you to achieve your goals and objectives by ensuring the plans you make integrate these five major planning areas:
Our accounting expertise balances more than your books. Call us to learn more about how our advisory services can help make your big-picture goals a financial reality.

So much more than tax returns and financial statements.

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